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2010-04-02 04:44:07 by Senwashere

Now this is what I've wanted all day long... good old Newgrounds!

Oh, Kevin Bacon!

2010-04-01 00:36:24 by Senwashere

Well, what is it now with Kevin Bacon? Is it a tribute to the guy by NG? (Hopefully no, word filtering on this one!)


2010-03-09 08:20:36 by Senwashere

I noticed that my intervals between Newgrounds and high school life are getting wider... damn, the last time I've been here was six months ago. There's a lot that I've missed by now.

Typhoon Parma

2009-10-13 07:51:03 by Senwashere

Killed my best friend and others in a landslide...

Swine Flu Pandemic

2009-06-13 06:27:40 by Senwashere

Already, this friggin' virus is a pandemic! It's like it's any more lethal or anything... it's just that it cannot be stopped. Now I have to consider wearing masks everyday and eating veggies and chicken and drinking water bottles 4 times a day. Well, although it may suck, we've got a vaccine and well... where I live, there are about 77 confirmed swine flu cases... this sucks... that's it... I'm not eating pork or ham.

I hate it when these happen!

2009-05-05 03:38:53 by Senwashere

Every time I open up firefox or safari on my brother's computer, it always errors and crashes! And whenever I use internet explorer on my dad's computer, it lags! And I'm banned from the laptop, too.


2009-04-02 04:26:58 by Senwashere

The resistance has succeeded! Freedom and order is restored! NewGr0unds is back! Hoooorah!!!


2009-04-02 00:06:34 by Senwashere

The day has ended but still, we're under Chairman Fulp's rule! I'll try to avoid word filters here. I've been expecting this to end in 24 hours but I still see red and I now feel restricted! I feel like I want to join the resistance and fight for our freedom!

Blog Change

2009-04-01 03:17:11 by Senwashere

Notice all your entries. ALL your entries, current and previous. Note down the changes you see in your blogs. Your PREVIOUS blogs, I guess. I know I did.


2009-04-01 02:53:00 by Senwashere

Okay... um... well... uh... I don't seem to have anything to say... um, uh... well... okay. So China forever!!!